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Why are armored doors so popular?
- 2021-04-06-

1. In terms of technology, first, the armored door is made by hand, with fine workmanship, polished, painted, and assembled. Adopting Dutch Akzo plastic powder and German imported fluorocarbon paint, each door has to be hand-painted 6 times by hand. The interior panel adopts imported log series, including armor system and airtight system.

2. The armored door has the characteristics of aluminum water casting (thickness 8mm), which is wrapped with galvanized sheet or cast aluminum, and can also be cast aluminum on both sides. The armored door has a strong three-dimensional effect, and the cast aluminum and cast aluminum plate are 8mm. Therefore, the armored cast aluminum door has the characteristics of being strong and heavy, high-grade, environmentally friendly, durable, moisture-proof, fire-proof, explosion-proof, corrosion-resistant, colorfast, and good in heat and sound insulation. 3. The advantages of armored cast aluminum doors, fine workmanship, hand-polished, 6 manual hand-painted coloring, strong artistic sense, can make patterns in various colors, good self-cleaning, strong convex three-dimensional impression of the pattern, no rust for a hundred years, resistance Corrosion, anti-oxidation, no need for deliberate maintenance, not easy to break. Solid aluminum, explosion-proof.

Advantages of armored doors

1. With the cordial appearance of the wooden door and the sturdy nature of the steel door, coupled with a professional anti-theft lock, it becomes a beautiful anti-theft door.

2. The panel is easy to replace. Adapt to the decoration styles of different periods at any time, always new for a long time.

3. Due to the strong steel core, the performance is stable and will not be deformed due to weather changes or long-term use.

4. In addition to the anti-theft function, it also has excellent fire prevention, sound insulation, heat preservation, and even bulletproof functions.

5. Easy to install. The door frame and door leaf can be installed step by step according to the construction progress, which is conducive to the protection of the product and the cooperation of the construction period.

6. Durable and durable. The service life is more than 20 years under normal conditions.