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Advantages of cast aluminum armored doors
- 2021-03-08-

The cast aluminum armored door is a new type of anti-theft door introduced from Italy. It originated in Christianity and is widely used in Europe. In China, it is mostly used in villas and belongs to a relatively high-end category. Because it is called an armored door, you don't need to know, firmness is necessary. The middle of the door leaf is a solid steel structure, and the surface can be covered with beautiful finishes according to the style of the room. For many people, they don't know much about cast aluminum armored doors. Today, Zhejiang Kaiweilai Door Technology Co., Ltd. will explain to you what cast aluminum armored doors are.

Compared with domestic systems, cast aluminum armored doors have the following obvious advantages:

The door locks, door leaves, hinges and other parts of domestic entrance doors are temporarily assembled. Each component does not form an organic whole, and one link is damaged, which affects the reliability of the door. For example, a door with an electronic smart lock cannot be used as long as the door leaf is slightly offset. Imported Italian doors integrate door frames, door leaves, locks, hinges and other components to form the safety system of imported doors. Its biggest advantage is that there is a problem with a single component of the system, which will not affect the safety of the entire entrance door. Even after 20 years, the entrance door will not deform, sag or shift, and can remain safe and reliable for a long time.

Thoughtful and perfect functions

The family entrance door only plays a protective role, but it can do nothing against noise, dust, humidity and many other factors that cause inconvenience to the owner's life. The thoughtful and perfect function of Italy can eliminate all these inconveniences.

Because the interior of the Italian armored door is hollow, it can be filled with any required materials, such as heat insulation materials, fire-resistant materials, and even radiation-proof materials, so that the door has multiple functions. After testing, this soundproof door can reduce noise by 38db. You don't need to worry about indoor noise anymore.

In addition, if the door has poor airtightness, it will cause the intrusion of dust, insects, and moisture, which should be deeply understood by the villa owner. The excellent airtightness of the Italian armored door can completely avoid these troubles and can play a very good role in heat preservation.