KDM20-Lin Zhifeng Instrument (All aluminum 20mm carved door series)

KDM20-Lin Zhifeng Instrument (All aluminum 20mm carved door series)

Product Details

Indicating material: 100% cold-forged aluminum plate with pure precision carving

Color: optional

Indicating coating treatment: Dutch Akzo plastic powder+six-degree hand-painted coloring+Imitation copper finish imported from Germany

Back style: multi-layer solid wood

Surface coating treatment: natural plant wood wax oil + explosion-proof paint

Door cover: No. 6 edging + borderless craftsmanship

Handle: Carved handle +embedded fingerprint lock No. 3

Lin Zhi Feng YiCarved door(All-aluminum 20mm Carved Door Series) The finish of the fine door is a cast aluminum door that is finely carved from aluminum plate. It has fine patterns, clear lines, and clear lines with high sharpness. The carved door adopts 304 stainless steel concealed hinge structure, stainless steel nailless edge sealing technology, professional hardware accessories, professional anti-theft smart lock. After the carved door is flattened with a 12-20 mm pure aluminum plate, it is completed by the laser machine engraving the pattern designed by the designer. In addition to the design value of the original design, the product has a texture, weight, hardness, density, and quality. Cast aluminum armored doors are the best.

Application advantages of carved doors: aluminum profiles have strong applicability and can be used in various indoor and outdoor occasions without fading or falling off. Its corrosion resistance, weather resistance, coating adhesion and material strength are unmatched by other materials, and it is a profile with strong application advantages in architectural decoration profile products.

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