KDM15-Light of Glory (All aluminum 15mm carved door series)

KDM15-Light of Glory (All aluminum 15mm carved door series)

Product Details

Indicating material: 100% cold-forged aluminum plate with pure precision carving

Color: optional

Indicating coating treatment: Dutch Akzo plastic powder+six-degree hand-painted coloring+Imitation copper finish imported from Germany

Back style: multi-layer solid wood

Surface coating treatment: natural plant wood wax oil + explosion-proof paint

Door cover: No. 1 edging + borderless craftsmanship

Handle: Carved handle +embedded fingerprint lock No. 3

The application advantages of our carved aluminum door (all aluminum 15mm carved door series): the aluminum profile has strong applicability and can be used in various indoor and outdoor occasions without fading or falling off. Its corrosion resistance, weather resistance, coating adhesion and material strength are unmatched by other materials, and it is a profile with strong application advantages in architectural decoration profile products.

Planting some auspicious plants in the yard is not only beautiful, but also beneficial to physical and mental health. However, don't be too many or too complicated, it will easily make the family feel irritable and uneasy. Appearance advantages: The electrostatic powder aluminum profile is exquisite in appearance, rich in color, does not fade, has a good visual effect, no light pollution, strong self-cleaning ability, and full quality display. Green environmental protection advantage: The raw and auxiliary materials used in the production of electrostatic powder sprayed aluminum profiles meet the sanitary and environmental protection standards, and will not have any impact on the natural environment and human health. It is a low-carbon, energy-saving, green and healthy building decoration profile.