Flying Dragon in the Sky-All Aluminum Armored Door

Flying Dragon in the Sky-All Aluminum Armored Door

Product Details

All-aluminum armored doors are also called steel-wood composite doors. In recent years, a new type of anti-theft door has emerged. The design of the steel core structure embedded in the wooden boards not only caters to the spiritual pursuit of returning to nature and being close to nature in modern home decoration, but also overcomes the shortcomings of traditional wooden doors against theft.


All-aluminum armored door structure: the steel-wood armored door leaf has a solid steel structure in the middle, and the front and back surfaces are covered with a beautiful and easy-to-replaceable plate. The door leaf is fastened by steel plates, and the door frame is steel-covered with a decorative surface. Made of paint-free treatment.

1. Two 15mm thick crafted wooden door panels on the front and back of the all-aluminum armored door leaf are made of high-tech technology and glued with natural veneer on the surface of the high-density board. The surface effect is the same as the solid wood panel, but there is no worry about deformation and cracking, so it is more durable and has a longer service life. The surface is sprayed with environmentally friendly paint, and the hand feels fine and smooth.

2. The inner steel core of the all-aluminum armored door leaf is composed of double-layer thick electrolytic steel plate and high-strength keel, filled with heat preservation and sound insulation materials. There are also reinforced steel plates at the keyholes and hinges.

3. The all-aluminum armored door leaf is surrounded by stainless steel edging, which makes the whole door light, thick and flexible, soft and hard, and has a pleasing safety guarantee. At the same time, the perfect edge banding adds a V-groove process, so that the gap between the edge banding and the panel is even and detailed.