Aluminum art courtyard door light luxury--K-JD002

Aluminum art courtyard door light luxury--K-JD002

Product Details

Color: Fluorocarbon Rose+Phoebe

The path of courtyard villas originates from tradition and stands in modernity. It extends in accordance with the trend of architecture. In this spatial sequence, it plays a transitional role from openness to privacy. It bears a dual identity from the inside to the outside, connecting the house and nature. It forms a space for people to communicate with each other, and creates a courtyard landscape with a unique cave, filled with a long-lost intoxication.

Our light luxury seriesAluminum art courtyard doorIt is a modern high-tech processing technology, solid cast aluminum, one-time integral casting, the finished product is novel and beautiful in style, elegant and unique, luxurious and spectacular. The product design is the crystallization of Chinese and Western culture, integrating electric, intelligent, and induction, combined with electrostatic powder spraying machine fluorocarbon coating, which is anti-oxidation and corrosion resistance. It can achieve long-term color fastness in coastal areas and no rust for 30 years. The fire-proof and moisture-proof effect is also very significant. The aluminum art courtyard door is a modern high-tech environmentally-friendly high-end entrance door.

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