Aluminum art courtyard door light luxury--K-JD013

Aluminum art courtyard door light luxury--K-JD013

Product Details

Color: Fluorocarbon Grey+Red Oak

The wall is an environment, a state, and an aesthetic. When the function of defense is no longer prominent, looking for the aesthetic meaning and spiritual tentacles of the wall has become the spiritual pursuit of modern people.

Introduction to the design method of our villa's entrance door:

1. The low cabinet partition type is a low form of low table to limit the space, which can not only store items and sundries, but also has the function of separating space.

2. The glass penetration type uses large-screen glass as a decorative screen or can separate a large space while maintaining the integrity of the large space.

3. The grid screen type mainly uses breathable wooden grid screens with different patterns as partitions, which can produce complementary effects of permeability and concealment.

4. The semi-open and semi-concealed design uses the lower part of the partition wall as a complete shielding design.

5. The ceiling lamp and the floor lamp echo regularly, and are mostly used in the relatively regular and square area of ​​the porch.

6. Practicability As the first of decoration, the design of the entire porch should be practical.

7. To guide the transition according to the situation, the design of the hallway often needs to be adapted to local conditions.

8. Screens are cleverly used to divide the area. Sometimes the design of the porch also needs to use screens to divide the area.

The above is an introduction to the entrance door of our villa. I hope it will be helpful to everyone. If you want to know more about it, please contact us.