Garden Railing K-LG007 Bronze

Garden Railing K-LG007 Bronze

Product Details

Courtyard railing is also a common railing product in residential areas. Most of them are made of high-quality steel wire through processing and anti-corrosion spraying, with excellent stability and aesthetics. There are various types of materials, such as triangular curved railings, craft railings, peach-shaped railings, etc. Our courtyard railings have the characteristics of anti-corrosion, anti-aging, sun resistance, and weather resistance, and are suitable for many residential communities. In addition, in the anti-corrosion process, electroplating, hot plating, spraying, dipping and other processes are used to improve the corrosion resistance of the material.


1. Beautiful for laymen: You can choose various shapes. It is also the best decorative fence. Both European and American style, but also fashionable, highlighting the noble and modern beauty.

2. High strength: the inner cavity of the guardrail is reinforced with galvanized steel lining or aluminum alloy, which has sufficient strength and impact resistance, corrosion resistance, toughness, antistatic property, no fading, no cracking, no embrittlement, etc.

3. Long life: It can be used for 30 years at -50℃~70℃ without fading, deformation, cracking, peeling, and embrittlement.

4. Green and environmental protection: select domestic first-class raw materials to create a simple and bright building appearance, making your environment more warm and comfortable.

5. Convenient installation: It adopts patented wipe connection or proprietary connection accessories, which is convenient and quick to install and firmly fixed.

Generally speaking, courtyard railings can be used as a component and part of community railings and play a very important role.