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Zhejiang KAFLY Door Industry Technology Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang KAFLY Door Industry Technology Co., Ltd. was established under the background of economic globalization. Kaiweilai adheres to the purpose of being based in China and leading the world, actively promoting the global development strategy, and accelerating the pace of internationalization. In 2015, through the integration of talents and technology , Cultural resources, creating soul products with ingenuity inheritance, surpassing classical and modern art; continuous exploration and innovation, establishing a complete marketing management system, innovative service concepts, and strengthening the concept of "high-quality, high-quality sales, and high-quality" three excellences, Solidly promoted the corporate blueprint of "establishing a model for the all-aluminum industry and leading the development of China's high-end all-aluminum armored doors and courtyard doors".

The company now has an all-aluminum armored door and courtyard door manufacturing base of more than 20,000 square meters, and an annual production scale of more than 100,000 square meters of high-security aluminum armored doors and courtyard doors. Kaiweilai's display in the field of high-end armored doors and courtyard doors reflects China's first-class door enterprise manufacturing style. Kaiweilai adheres to the essence of China's 5000-year mortise and tenon technology and scientific management system. From basic material selection to each accessory, it always follows the principle of "strict standards, strict quality, and strict details", and is committed to creating "luxury, exquisiteness, and dignity". The all-aluminum armored door, courtyard door. Provide perfect personalized customized products and decoration supporting services, carrying the essence of Chinese and Western culture, giving people luxurious visual enjoyment in terms of color, form and texture. Kaiweilai adheres to the tenet of "providing customers with the most satisfactory products and services", creating the most professional design team, realizing product diversification and customization, meeting customer individual needs and customized services as the goal, and creating a domestic first-class Personalize the customer experience.

KAFLY adheres to the three principles of high quality, high service and high standards, adheres to the high-end brand line, and strives to build a private custom expert in the domestic field and a leading brand for all-aluminum armored doors and courtyards. Kaiweilaishe is simple and complex, meticulously crafted, unremitting pursuit and perseverance, showing the most distinctive domestic all-aluminum armored doors and courtyard doors.